What is Airtel Payment Bank? How to open an account in Airtel Payment Bank [2022] – Bank fee charges and interest rates

In view of the requirement of payments bank in India, a committee was formed called Nachiket Mor Committee (Nachiket Mor Committee) had sent a report about the Reserve Bank of India Payments Bank i.e. The Nachiket Mor Committee had sent the report to the Reserve Bank for the Payments Bank Bank.

At that time, the total application company for Payments Bank bank was 41 as the Reserve Bank of India rules that we have to deposit a capital amount of Rs 100 crore to open a bank. In Payments Bank, the customer cannot keep above ₹1000000 and payments bank can open both the saving account and current account just like the normal bank.

Airtel Payment Bank has been launched keeping in mind the customers or customers who do not have a bank account or do not have a bank ATM card and are a customer of Airtel and it is very easy to open an account in this. How to open an account in Airtel Payment Bank – Airtel Payment Bank Fees and Charges, Airtel Payment Bank Interest Rates.

What is Airtel Payment Bank?

Airtel Payment Bank Payments bank means a bank which the customer uses for their services or to pay someone and it is very easy and it is subject to the reserve bank they do not have a physical existence. It becomes easier for the customers to do not give these loans and finances mutual funds and other funds.

But this Airtel Payment Bank gives you the facilities of mobile banking and net banking and also provides you with debit card and ATM card, its debit card is of high quality recognition visa and master.

The minimum balance in airtel payment bank’s account can be opened from 0 and the maximum we can keep in it is up to ₹100000 and when it is ₹100000, it automatically changes to the fixed deposit FD and pays 8% interest per annum and this fixed deposit FD we can also break it does not charge any charge and on the normal deposit it pays 4% interest annually.

What is Airtel Payment Bank KYC Document?

What is Airtel KYC Document – Friends, it is very important for you to have some government documents to get Airtel’s KYC done if you do not have this document then you can’t get Airtel KYC done.

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Indian Passport
  3. Indian Voter ID Card
  4. PAN Card
  5. Driving license
  6. NREGA Job Card

or any other type of IDENTITY card that provides a unique type of identification number and by which you can be verified.

Airtel payment Bank KYC Charge

You do not have to pay any kind of charge to do Airtel KYC i.e. Airtel KYC is absolutely free for you

Although Airtel KYC seekers charge some charge from airtel customer, that charge can range from ₹30 to ₹50, someone also takes ₹20.

What is the benefit of Airtel Payment Bank KYC?

Benefits of Airtel Payment Bank KYC – Friends, if you get Airtel full KYC done through any medium, whether you get it through the agent through KYC Centre or through video KYC, if you get Airtel full KYC, then you get the facilities available by Airtel which are as follows:

  1. Airtel wallet gets upgraded up to ₹100000
  2. You can ask for money from abroad in the airtel wallet
  3. Airtel can transfer money from wallet to any bank account
  4. Airtel can transfer payments to a merchant from the wallet
  5. You can open an account in Airtel Payment Bank.
  6. You can deposit up to ₹200,000 in Airtel Payment Bank
  7. A debit card obtained by Airtel which is of Visa or RuPay Platinum
  8. With Airtel Payment Bank, you can enjoy UPI payment service like Phone Pay or Google Pay.
  9. You can enjoy the credit service provided by Airtel
  10. Airtel’s loans are easily availed

What are the features and benefits of Airtel Payments Bank?

  1. Friends, as its name suggests, there is a payment bank and it has the facility to open an account hand-in-hand and we get an instant debit card.
  2. This is a zero balance account in which we do not have to keep thousands of rupees, if you are inside this account, if you do not keep a thousand rupees for a month, then it does not matter.
  3. In this account, we get the facility of Aadhaar seeding, through this we can directly take the money of government schemes in this account.
  4. Friends, when the amount saved in it exceeds one lakh, the extra amount that is there goes to their partner bank and you get a good interest on it, up to 6%
  5. In this account you get a debit card of Rupay’s classic and platinum class, you have to pay different prices to take these.
  6. With these debit cards available with Airtel Payment Bank, you also get personal accidental insurance of up to Rs 2 lakh which is very good.
  7. Along with airtel payment bank account, you also get sms service and monthly e-mail service.
  8. You can also use airtel payment bank account to create UPI by connecting it with any payment app and using it to make online transactions from one bank to another.
  9. You can also use airtel payment bank account for net banking and it is very good.

Eligibility for Opening Airtel Payment Bank Account

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to open your account within airtel payment bank
  2. The biggest qualification for opening your account inside airtel payment bank is that you should be an Indian meaning you must have citizenship of India.
  3. You should have your Aadhaar card and PAN card and some necessary documents with you so that there is no problem in your verification.

How to open an account in Airtel Payment Bank?

Airtel Payment Bank Kya Hai, How to Open An Account in Airtel Payment Bank – To open an account in Airtel Payment Bank or Payment Bank you get the facility of opening an online bank account. Under this service, you can use the online method to open a bank account in Airtel Payment Bank.

Ways to open an Airtel Payment Bank account-

  1. To open an account in Airtel Payment Bank, first of all we have to download the Pay Airtel app from the Play Store on our mobile.
  2. This Airtel app is available for all operating systems even if it becomes a window apple
    Download whether it’s Android and login to your number when installed.
  3. When you login to Airtel, you are faced with three options, one of which is Airtel Payment Bank or Airtel Bank.
  4. First of all, the consumer should be a citizen of India and has a recognized document such as Aadhaar card, PAN card etc.
  5. The minimum age for opening an account at Airtel Payment Bank is 18 years.
  6. Airtel does not have any of its accounts without e-kyc so no one in Airtel.
  7. Do not try to open an account without KYC, it will go in vain and take the documents and go to the nearby KYC centre and get the KYC account opened.
  8. After KYC, you have to click on the option of Airtel Bank and set your passcode and after setting up the PASS CODE, enter the PASS CODE and login to Airtel Bank.
  9. Virtual account I will show you an Airtel ATM card and also show you the minimum balance.

Airtel Payment Bank Account Fees and Charges

Airtel Payment Bank kya hai, how to open an account in Airtel Payment Bank – As you already know that it is a 0 balance account in which you do not have to keep an average amount of money in a month.

  1. Airtel Payment Bank’s account opening fee is nothing yet the agents demand ₹50 from you.
  2. You have a limit of up to Rs 25,000 to deposit cash in this account, you can deposit them in any way i.e. from the branch, from the merchant, if you cross the limit of Rs 2500, then you will start charging 0.5%.
  3. From airtel payment bank account, you can withdraw cash from the branch up to Rs 1 lakh in 1 day and up to Rs 50000 from CRO, then you can do up to Rs 25000 from merchant.

Airtel Payments Bank Interest Rates

Airtel Payment Bank offers interest on savings account at the rate of 2.5% per annum. Airtel Payment Bank also offers FDs in partnership with IndusInd Bank. Airtel Payment Bank FD account can get up to 5.5% interest.

AEPS Service charge in Airtel payment Bank Account

  1. Friends, inside airtel payment bank account, you get to make only one transaction in a day through Aadhaar card, which means you can do only one transaction in a day, the maximum amount of which is Rs 10,000.
  2. Even if you withdraw Rs 100 in a transaction, one transaction of yours will be completed.
    Through the Aadhaar card inside the Airtel Payment Bank account, you get to do only 15 transactions in a month, the maximum limit of which is up to ₹10000.
  3. You can only make 180 transactions in a year through Aadhaar card within airtel payment bank account, that too by staying within the limit.

Airtel payment Bank fund transfer limit

With Airtel Payment Bank you can make transactions up to ₹2000000 at a time or within a financial year and inside paytm wallet you can keep up to ₹100000, during Paytm UPI you can transact up to ₹100000 during Paytm UPI in a financial year which takes place from April 1 to April 1 of the next year.

Airtel Payments Bank’s Visa Card Debit Card Limit

  1. Friends, if you issue a visa card debit card of Airtel Payment Bank, then its day cash withdrawal limit is up to Rs 25,000 and the daily online purchase limit is up to Rs 100,000.
  2. Airtel Payment Bank’s visa card debit card has an annual fee, issuing fee, and replacement fee of Rs 175
  3. Airtel Payment Bank gives you a virtual debit card that you can use to make online transactions.

Airtel payment Bank ATM Service charge

  1. Friends, if you keep the ATM card of Airtel Payment Bank with you, then if you are in a metro city, then you can do only 5 transactions free in a month and there is a limit of Rs 10000.
  2. In a metro city, if you do above 5 transactions, you will start seeing a charge which is Rs 20 for every transaction.
  3. If you live in a city without a metro i.e. you live in a non-metro city, then you can do only 5 transactions free of cost through airtel payment bank’s ATM card in a month.
  4. If you do above 5 transactions, you start being charged, which is Rs 20 for each transaction.
  5. Friends, if you are using airtel payment bank’s ATM card if you make a non-financial transition


Friends, by now you must have known what is Airtel Payment Bank? How to open an account in Airtel Payment Bank – Airtel Payment Bank Fees and Charges, Airtel Payment Bank Interest Rates, Fees and Charges, Airtel Payment Bank Feature and Benefits

Friends, i have the same opinion about airtel payment bank about this bank that it deducts very high fees and is deducting fees, so it is better than them that you open an account in a good and big bank because it says to keep a minimum of thousand rupees and so much so that we can keep it in big banks from SBI.

Friends, if you have got any good information through this article, then you must share it with all the friends and in the group and in the relatives so that they also get this information.

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