What is Paytm Physical Debit Card? How to Apply for it (2022)

Do you know what is Paytm’s new Paytm Physical Debit Card? If not, today’s post is going to provide a lot of information for you. Recently, Paytm has also launched this new feature with its new updates. Under this feature, Paytm is now offering physical debit cards to its users. With the help of this ATM card, they can withdraw their money from the nearest ATM with great ease. After its Paytm Bank feature, the company has now strengthened its contact with people with this new feature.

Users can use these cards just like normal ATM cards. But one thing is very important to know here that these cards can only be used by the account holders of Paytm Payment Bank. Earlier, the bank used to provide only digital debit cards to its users on opening new individual savings accounts. With this new feature, now users can get virtual debit card as well as physical debit card.

You can use these physical debit cards to make any transactions similar to a normal ATM card. Since there is no complete information on the internet in connection with this new feature, today I thought why not give you all the information about what is paytm physical debit card and how to apply it online so that you all get full information about this topic, Then let’s start without delay.

What is Paytm Physical Debit Card?

A few days ago, when Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma ji tweeted on Twitter that he is going to launch a new feature very soon, there was a lot of curiosity among the people about this new feature.

And finally, when he told everyone about this new facility, he got a very good response from the people. This new physical debit card of Paytm is similar to the normal ATM card and you can also use it as a normal debit card.

Many people who are associated with Paytm will know about Paytm’s virtual debit card. Similarly, it is also the physical form of that virtual debit card. For example, it is written on the website of Paytm Payment Bank that the number of the customer’s physical debit card and virtual debit card will remain the same.

You can use these cards in any ATM, along with any online or offline store you can also use them for shopping. Another important thing is that due to this Rupay card, it can be used only in India.

Paytm Debit Card Charges

Like other banks where you have to maintain a minimum balance, here on the Paytm Payments Bank account, you can maintain zero balance, which is a very big feature of it. Like other banks, Paytm offers its users a 4% interest on savings, and all SMS alerts related to transactions are free.

You can use this physical card to withdraw money from any bank ATM. In metro cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad, the first three withdrawals will be absolutely free of charge all months, while for subsequent transactions you will have to pay Rs 20 per transaction, and Rs 5 per transaction for mini statement, balance check or PIN change.

This digital debit card or virtual debit card will be completely free, while for this new RuPay physical debit card, you will have to provide a coupon of Rs 120 on the one-time charge, after which you will have to pay Rs 100 annually.

If your card is lost for some reason, then you will have to pay Rs 100 to reissue and deliver the new card one more time. Transfer online funds, such as NEFT, UPI, IMPS, and any other Paytm payments, to a bank account, is also free of charge.

While the online passbook and statements are absolutely free, you will have to pay rs 50 for the physical statement on the basis of delivery charges. In addition, users will have to charge three percent to transfer funds from paytm wallet to another bank account.

If we talk about transactions then in a day you can withdraw up to a maximum of Rs.25,000 from any ATM from your Paytm debit card. At the same time, the maximum transaction limit can be up to Rs.2,00,000 per day on a POS (Point of Sale).

How to Verify Paytm Bank Account

If you have never used Paytm Bank, then this information is very important for you on how to do account verification. After applying for paytm account, we need account verification and the main two options of paytm bank account verification are given in paytm app.

  1. Agent Verification
  2. Center Verification

If we have selected the Agent Verification Option, then for this, a Paytm agent comes to the address given by us and verifies our account, after which our account is verified and activated.

Similarly, if we select the Center Verification Option, then we see the address of many of our nearest Paytm Verification Center on the app. By selecting any of these close centres, we can go for account verification and activate our account.

When our Paytm payments bank account is activated, we immediately get it in the Paytm Digital ATM Card app. But if we need a physical Paytm ATM card, then we have to send an online request, about which we will learn further.

How to Get Paytm Physical Debit Card

Here, I am going to tell you people step wise about how to order this debit card so that you do not have any problem in ordering it online.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to open the Paytm app on your Android and iOS smartphone, after which you have to tap on the ‘Paytm Payments Bank’ icon which will be on the right and right on the bottom corner.

Step 2:

Here on this page you can see many options like virtual debit card, wallet balance. On the scroll below, you will see a section that says “Bank Account Services”. At the bottom of this bank account services, you will find a “Debit & ATM Card” that you have to tap.

Step 3:

On the next screen, you can see your virtual debit card, where you will see several options, such as how to block the card, and the request option for a new card that says “Request for card,” which you will need to tap for the new card.

Step 4:

After this, you can see your card details and your registered address. On the side of this address, you can see a small radio button, which when clicked, you will see the option to select the address, after which you will see the option of “proceed to pay” which will appear to be highlighted.

On taping it, you will have to pay a charge of Rs 120, once your payment is successful, the physical debit card will be delivered to your given address within a few days.

Along with this, you can also see the delivery status of your debit card in The Middle.

Along with this, you can also see the delivery status of your debit card in The Middle.

How to Activate Paytam Debit Card

If you have obtained paytm’s debit card, then next you have to activate it because only after activating it will you be able to use it. To activate, you have to follow 3 simple steps.

Step.1 Scan QR Code – After getting the Paytm Debit Card, you have to open the Paytm app to activate it. After opening, now you have to scan the QR code given in the debit card, as soon as you scan, you get the option of activate your card, just you have to click on it.

Step.2 Set Passcode – Now you have to enter your passcode. After entering the passcode, you will get the option of Conferm, you have to make conferm.

Step.3 : Verify debit card number and ATM number option which you have to convert. And next, enter the PIN number of your debit card and verify it.

Many people ask how to activate paytm ATM/debit card.

If you want to activate your ATM card, then you have to open the Paytm app first, then go to the Bank option and click on the Debit & ATM Card option.
After that, you will see the “Activate ATM Card” option which you have to click on and then scan the QR code on the back of the ATM card. As soon as you scan the QR code, you also need to enter the Paytm pass code and verify the details you have given.
After that, your Paytm ATM card is activated and you can set the PIN of that ATM card.

Can we use the ATM/Debit Card for Paytm wallet balance?

The answer is no, we can use paytm ATM card only for saving account transactions.

Can we make an international payment to the ATM/debit card?

No, paytm debit card can only be used for domestic payment (Indian business) and for purchases from online and offline merchants, as it is a RuPay card which can only be used in India.

What is the maximum payment a user can make through this Paytm ATM/Debit Card?

With this debit card of Paytm, you can make a maximum transaction of Rs 25,000 and that too in every day and per transaction.

Is there any charge for transactions with Paytm’s ATM/Debit Card?

With this ATM/Debit Card of Paytm, you can make 3 free ATM transactions every month, after that if you make a transaction, you will have to pay a charge of 20 per transaction and pay Rs. 5/- per transaction for mini statement and balance check.


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