7 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Battery Drain on Android

Of all the apps on the phone, Google Chrome could be a major battery hogger for many. Many users have been complaining about the fast battery running out while using Chrome in their phones. We have also seen reports of heating problems caused by the browser. If Chrome is using too much battery or heating up your phone, don’t worry. Here are some quick ways to fix the Google Chrome battery drain problem on Android.

Fix Google Chrome Battery Drain on Android phones

Google Chrome comes pre-installed by default on almost all Android phones. And given the ease of use and features, most people prefer to use Chrome on their phones and PCs. However, running out of battery can be a big problem when using Chrome on Android.
Below, we have mentioned some of the key tips that will help you save battery when using google chrome browser on your Android device.

1) Update Chrome to the latest version

To get started, update Chrome from the Google Play Store to the latest version. Doing so will get rid of any build-specific bugs or problems. Also, if you’re using beta, dev, or canary build, consider switching to a stable channel. This will likely shut down the mind of Google Chrome on your Android.

2) Clear data and Cache

Clearing data and cache usually solves a temporary bug or glitch in any app. If you’ve recently started experiencing high battery drains in the Chrome mobile browser, try clearing its cache and data.

Note that this will clear all browser data. Therefore, sync all important data such as passwords and bookmarks before proceeding.

  • Open settings on your Android phone.
  • Go to View apps > apps and notifications.
  • Here, look for Chrome. Pat it.
  • Click on Storage and Cache.
  • Tap Clear Storage > Clear All Data.
  • Press OK when prompted.

3) Disable Automatic Sync

Google Chrome automatically syncs your Chrome data such as auto-fill, bookmarks, passwords, open tabs, payment information, settings, etc. to your Google Account. It prepares for a seamless experience when switching devices or when using Chrome on multiple devices.

However, constantly syncing the background can drain your phone’s battery. Therefore, if the sink is not important to you, consider turning it off for completely or unwanted items.

  • Open Google Chrome in your phone.
  • Tap on the three-point menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings and tap Sync and Google Services.
  • On the next screen, disable Sync your Chrome data.
  • To turn off syncing for data that you don’t need, tap Manage Sync.
  • Disable sync everything and make your selection manually.

4) Save battery in Chrome from Dark Mode

Google Chrome comes with a dark mode that can save some battery life when your phone has an OLED display. Switching to dark mode will not only save battery but also put less pressure on your eyes.

To change the theme, open Chrome, go to Settings> theme and choose Dark. If your phone has a specific LCD panel, it won’t help much.

5) Force dark mode on websites

Most of the websites you visit have a white background, even if you’ve enabled Dark Mode in Chrome. In that case, you can force dark mode on the websites so that the background of the pages you visit is darker. This will help save battery when using Chrome on Android.
You can apply dark mode to websites using the steps below:

  • Open Chrome and enter chrome://flags in the search bar.
  • On the next screen, search for “Dark Mode”.
  • Change the Force Dark Mode flag to Enable for Web Content.
  • Close Chrome and open it again.

To see if it’s working properly, try opening any website. You can experiment with it further by selecting other options while enabling the flag. Then, it will only help you save battery if your phone has an OLED screen.

6) Save battery from light mode in Chrome

Chrome has a built-in light mode, which uses less data and processing power when enabled. It makes your phone’s battery life easier and also helps in loading websites faster. To enable Light mode in Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome in your phone.
  • Click on the three-dot menu and tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Light Mode.
  • Enable the toggle to turn on the feature.

7) Other small changes

You can further reduce power consumption by turning off notifications for sites (if enabled) on Chrome. You can also use your phone’s built-in power manager to have better control over Google Chrome’s background battery usage.

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These were some useful tips to fix the Google Chrome battery drain problem on Android. I hope these tips will help you save battery when using Chrome on your mobile phone. Try them out and let me know if you see any difference in the comments below. Also, feel free to reach out for any other doubts or questions.

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