How to Watch Ad-Free YouTube Videos on Android, Even Without Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a popular modified version of YouTube that gives us access to features not available in the free version of YouTube (not to mention some fun add-ons such as themes and swipe controls). It’s basically popular because it comes with ad blocking, offline downloads, picture-in-picture, and background playback – things you normally have to pay $ 9.99 a month. It is very popular in the Android community, but unfortunately it is gone.

But just because Google Vanced has asked you to stop doing business doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy YouTube without background ads. There are many other options.

First, a case for YouTube Premium

Below we’ll look at the “real” Vanced alternatives, but first, let’s clarify the YouTube Premium case. Yes, it costs $ 11.99 / month, but it will remove ads on all your devices. Your TV, computer, Android smartphone, anywhere. And it gives you access to features like background playback and picture-in-picture.

If you can pay a premium, you support content creators. And, if you pay for the $14.99/month family plan, you can split the bill with five other users.

The best alternatives to YouTube Vanced

But if you’re unable (or unwilling) to pay for YouTube Premium, you can still use modded YouTube apps, and third-party clients that provide a similar experience to YouTube Vanced.


NewPipe is not a modified version of YouTube as Vanced. It is a standalone, free and open source player for YouTube. It’s lightweight, but it offers the features you like best: No ads, background playback, and picture-in-picture. NewPipe is an application I have been using personally for the last two years.

Like Vanced, NewPipe is not available in the Play Store. However, you can download the APK installer directly from their website or find the app in the F-Droid app store (an alternative to the Google Play store, which hosts free and open source apps. App).


This is another free and open-source third-party YouTube app, just like NewPipe. It also offers the basic features you’ll want, including no ads, and background payback.

The only real downside is that this is a view-only app. You can’t sign in to your YouTube account, so there’s no sync feature. The app has its own feature for channel subscriptions and bookmarks.

uBlock Origin add-on for Firefox

The obvious reason to use Firefox with Google Chrome on Android is the huge gallery of free add-ons. And here they really work. Install uBlock Origin to get YouTube without ads in your browser. Go to Menu> Add-on> and enable uBlock Origin.

Disadvantage? There are no features like offline downloads.

Brave Browser

Vanced recommends that you use Brave to watch YouTube ads without ads on Android. The app has an ad blocking feature by default, and if you have Shields Up enabled for YouTube, you should be prepared.

Use an ad-blocking VPN

Alternatively, you can use ad-free VPN on your Android smartphone. This will stop the ads from loading on your devices and also protect you from online tracking. Vanced suggests that you try Adguard, but you can use any ad-blocking VPN for this purpose.

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