What is the Fi Money App? Create an Account in Fi Money App [2022] – Fi Money App Charges

What is Fi Money App, How to create an account in Fi Money App, Fi Bank Account Charges – Fi Money App Account Charges in Hindi – Friends, if you have not heard of your bank branch, then you will know that it is a matter of common sense that the child also knows about every bank and if you also know about the bank then you will be very easy to understand. It’s not a very big logic, it’s also a simple app inside which we can create an account of our own, today we’ll talk about it in full detail, it works like a max shape for us.

Today we will tell you all the things about it which will help you to work in Fi Money App and if you want to know all those things then you stayed in this article of ours and know all the things that will help you to work in Fi Money App Today we will know how we can download Fi Money App. What is it, how to create an account in Fi Money App, Fi bank account charges and what is it, today we will tell you in detail about all these things.

What is Fi Money App?

First of all, let us know about the Fi Money App, what is the Fi Money App and how it works because if we have to do any work, then we need to know first of all about it, then we first know what these apps are, so I will tell you for your information.

Fi Money App works just like a bank branch, just it has no offline branch, all the work is done online, it works online in our phone, we can create an account of our own inside it and work and we can do all the work that we do inside a bank, we can do the transaction as much as we want by transferring money. If you can take as much as you want, then it is a bank branch and it is being used by millions of people in today’s time.

How to Download Fi Money App?

If you want to use Fi money app then you have to download it first of all, downloading is not a difficult task.

  1. First of all, you have to go to your phone’s App Store or Play Store.
  2. Now inside it we see a search bar where we have to write the name of the Fi Money App and click on the button of the shirt.
  3. After searching for it, we will come across the official application of Fi Money App.
  4. Which we can download from here.
  5. Install it after it’s downloaded.
  6. Now you have to login to it, if you don’t log in, you won’t be able to use the Fi Money App.

How to login to the Fi Money App?

  1. As we all know that if we have to use any app, we have to login as soon as we download it first.
  2. And people need an alternate number to do this or if we can do the loading without the number, we can do the loading in it through Gmail ID, so today we will tell you how you can login to the Fi Money App.
  3. First of all you have to open the Fi Money App and as soon as you open us inside it, you will first have an option to enter your contact number when we enter our contact number.
  4. So we will be sent a four-digit OTP by the Fi Money App to the number that you have or that you are using someone else’s number.
  5. So when you have it and you also come, you enter that OTP in your phone and next it so you can login to the Fi Money App very easily.

How to create an account in Fi Money App?

Friends, so far you have known how we can download The Fi Money App, what is the Fi Money App and how login is done in it, then after that it is very important for us to know about what we mainly use the Fi Money App, so now you must read this article till the last.

The important thing now we are going to tell you how you can open your account inside it, how can we create a digital account inside it and how to transact money. If you want to know all this, then you stay in this lesson of ours and follow our steps mentioned in it and open your digital account in the Fi Money App.

  1. First of all you have to download the Fi Money App and register your number inside it.
  2. Now after that we will find the option of one of our sign ups inside it from where you have to click.
  3. You need an alternate number and email id to sign in now
  4. Now it will take some basic information from you in which you have to enter the PAN card, your date of birth and your name address inside it.
  5. After doing all this, you will have to verify your Aadhaar card number, so as soon as the aadhaar card number is verified, a video will open in front of you which you will have to call and record any four digits of it.
  6. Now a new page will open in front of you in which you have to enter the name that you want on the debit card and you have to enter your address also because your card will have to be delivered to your home.
  7. After doing just that, your account will be verified and the UPI of your transaction will be turned on.

How to do full video KYC of Fi account?

To open an account in the Fi Money App, minimum KYC is required, but you will have to do full KYC to enjoy the other banking features of this application. To do full KYC, you have to get your video kyc verification done, after having full KYC, you can do transactions up to ₹100000 and can also enjoy UPI from a good time.

Requirements for Video KYC

  1. Original PAN Card
  2. A pen and paper for signature
  3. Nicely lit place for video

How to do the Fi Money App Full KYC?

  1. Friends, when you open the Fi Money App, you will find upgrade your account with a 3 min video KYC call written on the top of the home screen.
  2. In the next screen, you have to click on Next and then click on Start Video Call, keeping all the necessary things with you.
  3. After this, a video call will start from your Fi Money Bank agent, which will verify you, the Fi Money Bank agent will see your original PAN card and then make you sign on the paper. Once this process is completed, you will have full KYC.

Fi money app account charges

Fi Money has mentioned at the top of its bank’s website that this bank is not going to charge any kind of charge. In this bank application, all its conditions have been stated to the customer. In online banking, no other banking application is offering a better service than this application. Its charge is as follows –

  1. In a Fi bank account, you do not have any minimum balance fee.
  2. Fi Money has no account maintenance charges.
  3. Free debit card. Zero charges for ordering debit cards.
  4. There is no charging when you withdraw money from federal bank’s ATM. While from the ATM of another bank, you can do 5 transactions in a month for free, but on more transactions, you can do Rs. 20 per transaction.
  5. No charge on transactions from NEFT, RTGS and UPI.


Friends, thank you for reading this article from beginning to end, so far you have gone through this what is Fi Money App, how to create an account in Fi Money App, Fi Bank Account Charges – Fi money app account charges in Hindi hope you liked this article and it must have given you some important information that you must have enjoyed.

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