Why 1Password Is Now the Best Password Manager for Mac

For Mac fans and power customers, 1Password has been the password supervisor of alternative for greater than a decade. However with a redesign and a brand new killer function, we expect 1Password 8 is now the very best password supervisor for everyone utilizing a Mac, interval.

The app feels at dwelling on Mac, and provides distinctive options the competitors merely doesn’t. Mac’s built-in Passwords software is great (and it retains getting higher yearly), however 1Password now integrates seamlessly throughout all Apple merchandise, Home windows, and Linux, offering function parity and immediate sync.

Here is more compelling evidence why 1Password should be your password manager of choice.

Solid Stone Foundation

Staying more than ten years has its advantages. 1Password has all the features you would associate with a good password manager: You can easily import data from other password managers, the auto-fill feature is available in your favorite browsers and, of course, with the auto-fill features for iPhone and Android.

Stellar is also two-factor authentication 1Password. If you can share and add to the page, it will automatically fill in the six-digit 2FA code after your login attempt.

Deadly features: Universal auto-fill

The biggest reason there’s so much excitement about 1Password 8 is the new Quick Access Panel and its Universal Autofill feature, which puts 1Password ahead of its competitors and does what even Apple Passwords itself can’t do.

The Quick Access feature can be accessed using the Command + \ keyboard shortcut. Press the search keys each time you log in, view more details, or copy your username or password immediately, all without opening 1Password.

Universal AutoFill, which can be used for any supported application or website, is still cool. Let’s say you’re logged in to Zoom on a Mac. Previously, you had to open the 1Password application and copy and paste the password and the 2FA code. You can now zoom in on the Quick Access panel with the Command + \ keyboard shortcut and you’ll see the Zoom login option with AutoFill selected. Press Enter and 1Password will automatically enter your login details and two-factor code.

This feature is already active in many large applications, but even if the application is not yet supported, you can enable autofill for the application after the first login.

The interface and workflow are best in class

When 1Password announced that it would use Electron to design part of the application in the 1Password 8 update, it caused outrage among the technicians, but we are pleased to announce that everything is looking good so far. 1Password runs silently in the background on the MacBook Air M1 and doesn’t drain the battery too much (if you’re worried it could be a Dropbox scenario, don’t do it).

1Password has also updated its interface with newer, larger buttons that integrate well with Apple’s new macOS design language. With the new Easy Access feature, you usually don’t have to open 1Password.

Biometric unlock makes entering passwords even easier

Password manager password protection is a two-pronged weapon: You really need this security, but you don’t want to enter a 16-digit code every time you access it.

This is where 1Password support for Touch ID and Apple Watch unlocking really shines: You can enter passwords automatically and open the app without entering a master password if biometric authentication is set up.

Watchtower dashboard helps you gauge your security health

It’s easy to tell someone (or yourself) to use a unique password on each site. This is another ball game. But there is a way out of this mess, and the 1Password Watchtower can help you. This feature searches for recovered passwords and passwords that have leaked online. The new Watchtower dashboard can give you an overview of the security report and highlight which logins need to be updated.

Don’t worry if you have too many bad passwords: 1Password will help you replace them all and suggest a strong password that you save immediately so you don’t have to worry about remembering it.

Pro-level features like vaults and categories keep you organized

While 1Password 8 simplifies the interface (it’s easier for new users to find their way around), it doesn’t lose usability. 1Password supports a wide range of data types and can store everything from passports, through software licenses to custom notes. In addition, you can create different safes for different users (work, personal, etc.).

It’s easy to share between friends and coworkers

Teams 1Password ($ 19.99 / month) makes it easy to share passwords with colleagues. You can easily grant selected team members password access and share specific Vaults as you wish. There is also a guest account feature for temporary members.

The 1Password Family plan is designed with privacy in mind. For $ 4.99 a month for a family of 5, it’s an effective way to secure more passwords for your entire family. All family accounts are private by default, but passwords can be easily shared between members as needed.

The features are worth the monthly cost

1Password 8 includes many features, but has a price. With this update, 1Password will change to a subscription-only price and save you $ 36 / year or $ 3.99 / month. Not so cheap.

But in this update, 1Password has already shown that it is dedicated to improving the password manager with each major update, every year. And this kind of active growth requires resources. Price is a subjective matter, so it’s up to you to decide whether the continuous improvement of 1Password, like all new security features, costs $ 3 / month.

If not, you can always look for some free and cheap alternatives, including Bitwarden (our favorite free password manager), Dashlane and LastPass. You’ll find many features and security in the same applications, but no one else can provide a deep level of integration with 1Password with macOS. And of course the worst option is not to use a password manager at all.

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